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Are you a professional air duct technician looking for a new opportunity? Are you tired of inconsistent schedules? Want to spend more time with friends and family? Then the 5 Star Air team is for you!

Our Model:

Here at 5 Star Air, helping people is what we do best. Our AIR Duct Cleaning Technicians are the face of the company and heroes to our customers. Our first class online platform allows homeowners ‌to find contractors they ‌trust to fulfill needs in Heating, Cooling and Air Cleaning.

Our Technicians

  • Have at least 1+ years of professional experience in ADC
  • Work with us through our Profit Sharing Program - Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Have their own tools and truck
  • Have strong communication and customer service skills
  • Enjoy professional development and networking opportunities
  • Work with our customer service platform (CRM)
  • Receive 24/7 support from Our Marketing and Customer Support teams
  • Enjoy working with Department Managers and HR who can help with flexible schedules, any accounting challenges or personal situations.

Interested? Apply today!